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How to Slay Your Website’s Bounce Rate

Are you struggling with a high bounce rate, wondering how to cut it down? While it’s impossible to prevent all visitors from bouncing, there are ways to keep your visitors engaged with your site. If that’s ...

9 Website Conversion Mistakes to Avoid

Conversions are everything, whether you’re building a full-time business through your website, promoting affiliate products, or trying to gain loyal fans. Conversions are where your visitors engage with you and have the opportunity to become customers, ...

The Pros and Cons of One-Page Websites

Are you looking for a new website theme and wondering if you should choose a one-page design? Maybe you’ve seen a classy one-page site and you’d like to have that same ease and elegance on your ...

How to Start a Successful Website Design Business

Are you passionate about starting a website design business? Developing websites can be a profitable business when done wisely. Although it helps to be a developer, you can start a web design business without any development experience. When ...
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