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How to Calculate & Improve the ROI of Design Systems

Design systems are changing the way developers create products in the modern world. By encouraging standardization, they speed up the product development process and strengthen brands through design consistency.

Viral Web Design Trends: How to Handle Their Popularity

Web design is evolving at a rapid rate with new trends emerging each season. For web designers, it can be both exciting and overwhelming to stay on top of the latest trends in order to remain relevant in the everchanging digital space.

Web Design Wisdom from Newspapers

Even in this digital age, information printed in papers is still relevant and holds important values, perspectives, and insights that are universally applicable for web design purposes.

Discourage the Use of Dark Patterns: Persuasive Ethical Strategies

Dark patterns are user interface and technology designs that trick or manipulate people into taking undesired actions. Their presence on various platforms can often have dire consequences, making it incredibly important to discourage their use.

Designing Accessible Closed Captioning and Subtitles

Making digital content accessible is an important aspect of modern UX design, as the right website design tools and options enable all different kinds of users to access information or entertainment regardless of their varied abilities.

The Optimal Web Design Process

Crafting the perfect web development process can be a challenge, but this outlines provides an ideal methodology for doing so.