If there is one thing a thriving law firm needs, it is clarity. But, unfortunately, hardly anyone can understand the importance of nuance in phrasing and words like lawyers or attorneys.

Yet, despite the limitation of interpretation in the field, there is room for creativity, especially in terms of the website.

Just like websites of other industries, web design for law firms come in various shapes and sizes. That said, the most successful websites usually exhibit catchy designs and offer all the relevant information a user can look for.

In other words, the best law firms are not only best at what they do, but they also present themselves well.

This blog will talk about everything you need to look for in a law firm so you know you can trust them. We will also give you examples of legal firms’ official websites to show you who is at the top of their game.

So whether you need a lawyer or inspiration for your legal website, this is the blog for you!

Factors To Look For Before Hiring A Lawyer

Selecting a law firm that can adequately help you is critical. However, if you are do not know what to look for, finding a reliable law firm can be anything but easy.

Therefore, to help you, we have jotted down seven factors you need to look at while judging the merit of any law firm:


If a firm unhesitantly takes cases regarding all sorts of matters, it is indicative of their experience. So make sure the law firm you are selecting has relevant expertise in:

  • Real estate
  • Corporate
  • Finance

At the least, the firm ought to have experience in litigation practice, transactional practice, and other similar areas.

A firm with relevant experience means the law firm can better look at your case and give you diversified advice. Plus, it can give you holistic insight into drawbacks.


Everybody wants to be represented by a credible firm that has earned the respect of the legal community.

This is because choosing an esteemed law firm also liberates you from constant speculation and second-guessing your option.

In a nutshell, reputation is an element that one cannot afford to overlook.

The Kind Clients

It might come to you as a surprise, but opting for a firm that deals with celebrity cases or has a notable clientele is not always advisable.

Such firms usually do not have the time to do justice to comparatively low-profile cases. However, if you meet the criteria, they might even see your situation as an A-list priority.

Therefore, before choosing a law firm, it is best to ask them about their clients.


If you are a business person, your fear of lawsuits is justified. Anyone can file one against you, be it your:

  • Business partner
  • Employee
  • Government agency
  • Client

Thus, working with a law firm with experienced litigation cannot be stressed enough.

Succession Planning

A succession plan is another factor that a business owner should be wary of. Established businesses have to deal with many challenges that demand corporate law, taxation, and estate planning expertise.

Moreover, it requires constant assistance and evaluation.

Attention To Detail

Like everybody else, attorneys crave feeling needed in their profession. Therefore, law firms that know legal circles usually have the best in-house attorneys. For the same reason, as the client, you should opt for a firm that takes its employees seriously.

A firm notorious for treating its employees poorly can hardly give its clients the attention they deserve. So, before finalizing your law firm, make sure your desired agency enjoys a good reputation among its competitors.

Even if you have heard good things about a firm, be wary of how their attorneys treat you. For example, sometimes the staff gets unnecessarily cold and argumentative.

This is a massive red flag, as behaviors like this can keep you from expressing your side.

Firm Overhead

Most law firms have luxurious offices and fancy amenities, but neither of those things is proof of their competence.

Sure, luxury makes an impressive impression, but it should not affect your decision-making. Besides not adding any value to your services, office luxury can also lead to increased legal fees.

Continuity And Depth

In addition to everything mentioned above, you should also see if the law firm provides a stable hierarchy for attorneys.

Furthermore, assess whether the firm also expands its expertise to diverse areas like antitrust, environment, and culture.

Simply put, choose a law firm that provides adequate resources, expertise, and an employee-friendly atmosphere.

Top Law Websites

Top Law Websites

As mentioned above, good law firms provide their clients with exemplary services and boast impressive websites.

However, this does not mean good law websites contain artistic patterns, a splash of colors, and unique designs.

Instead, they offer client-oriented experiences and project a clear message to their target audience.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of law firm websites that impress most clients to make everything unambiguous

. So if you are a law firm owner or websites designer seeking inspiration, here are some ideas for you!

Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence

Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a criminal defense lawyer? If it is strength and resilience, you are not alone.

The masterminds behind the Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence’s website have applied the same logic and created a beautiful law firm website.

This website is attention-grabbing without being unnecessarily artistic. It is simple, bold, confident, and contains a tinge of intimidation.

Moreover, it is primarily monochromatic in color, yet it has one of the most captivating designs. The women on display seem confident – something a client wants in their criminal lawyer.

Meanwhile. the website designer has added brief bios about the attorneys on display to add a pleasing effect. Thus, if you are looking for a site that could be an effortless inspiration for you, this one is a must to consider.

West Coast Trial Lawyers

West Coast Trial Lawyers

A list of the best law websites cannot be complete without mentioning West Coast trial Lawyers – the developers have done a remarkable job of putting everything in the right place.

Once you follow the website link, you will see an easy navigation option at the right.

Unlike most websites, this one does not have a contact number hidden at a corner or the end of the page. Thus, viewers can quickly contact the firm without scrolling for the contact number.

The full display of the website exudes confidence and makes viewers feel comfortable enough to contact them. Furthermore, every lawyer on display has been shown smiling. As a result, the targeted audience would not feel intimidated by the attorneys.

Moreover, the site incorporates Google and Yelp rankings, showing that trusting the firm will not lead to regret. Long story short, this site is an excellent example of how it should be done.

YLaw Group

YLaw Group

YLaw Group is a well-known family that provides an array of law services regarding family separations and child custody.

However, as you know, broaching subjects like divorce, separation, and division of resources afterward is a bitter subject. But YLaw Group’s website has made every process seem straightforward.

The website is designed considering the needs of anyone going through a family crisis so they can feel comforted before they contact their attorney.

The creators of this website have made a fantastic attempt to set themselves apart from others. They have broken ice very tactfully, but they have also mentioned their phone number on every page.

Consequently, prospects will have no trouble contacting attorneys. And they will also feel comfortable because the content on the page is very welcoming and understanding.

Besides everything, the website also has a ‘featured in’ section displaying all kinds of publications. The whole idea behind it is to prove the law firm’s credibility.

Bick Law LLP

Bick Law LLP

Bick Law LLP is a renowned environmental law firm that deals with ecological hazards pervading the earth’s topography.

Given the services provided by this firm, the makers of this website have incorporated befitting elements to the site.

Its home page is particularly attractive, including various puns, catchphrases, and background images.

However, this website design also catches specific attention because of the label reading ‘exclusively environmental.’

And if you visit as a random viewer, you might not find this label attention-worthy, but people explicitly looking for environmental lawyers will surely be awed.

Bhatt Law Group

Bhatt Law Group

At first glance, the website design might not capture your attention. However, this website is one of a kind with its attention to detail.

Its design includes many intriguing aspects that seamlessly incorporate multiple specialties.

Additionally, the website has a vibrant display of blacks and oranges. Therefore, any visitor will feel confident clicking their CTAs.

Robbins Firm

Robbins Firm

The cartoonish Robbins Firm website is a breath of fresh air in the thick of basic law websites. However, its makers have tried to make something entirely different.

Moreover, the messaging on the website inculcates everything a prospective client might be thinking about.

With sentences such as, ‘We don’t follow the standard playbook’ and ’boutique litigation firm,’ the Robbins Firm has undoubtedly made an intriguing impression.

These elements win this website a client’s attention, as they are constantly seeking professionals who could understand the unique place they are coming from.

It is also worth mentioning that Robbins Firm lives up to its claim. Therefore, any client can buy into the sites’ claims thanks to their record and design.

Tremain Artaza

Tremain Artaza

The website of Tremain Artaza is appealing from the get-go. It addresses various objections that clientele might have regarding lawyers.

The creators of this website have considered people’s anxieties and trust issues with legal issues, responding to them accordingly.

The homepage of this website has a helpful FAQ section. As a result, clients don’t need to spend money and time to get information before opting for services.

Parris Law Firm

Parris Law Firm

The Parris website is another outstanding example of how law firms’ websites should be created. Again, there is simplicity and robust messaging present in the design.

Plus, they showcase their ambition in a way that clients would feel safe. After all, people who reach out to lawyers need protection against someone or something.

Lash & Goldberg LLP

Lash & Goldberg LLP

Lash & Goldberg LLP is a famous business litigation law firm designed to make customers feel at ease. Their audience primarily consists of corporations, business executives, and high-level professionals.

Therefore, this organization offers work around the schedule of its clients, and for the same reason, it is well-regarded among its clientele.

Spring House Law

Spring House Law

There is no getting around that lawyers come at excruciatingly high costs. Thus, even if the prospective client is not mentioning their concerns, they are still thinking about the price.

Furthermore, they are curious to know when the charges will kick in.

The brains behind the Spring House Law website have taken these concerns into account and dedicated their entire page to answering potential questions. Thus, merely visiting the website can put visitors at ease regarding the process.

After getting this data, potential clients can stop worrying about charges and sudden prices rise.

W3IP Law

W3IP Law

One glance at this website, and you can see that it specializes in intellectual and digital property law. The homepage has an aesthetically-pleasing layout, and the call to action includes appealing messaging.

All of this makes the navigation super easy and intuitive. Furthermore, the homepage has three primary navigational cues:

  • Respond
  • Protect
  • Commercialize

Moreover, they would know where to click to get more information and reduce the bounce traffic moving through the site.

The Bottom Line

Law firms can be a bit dry, but this does not mean their websites should not be attractive. On the contrary, the aforementioned appealing websites are proof that they can serve all the diverse needs of their clients.

We hope reading this blog has helped you understand what to look for while choosing a law firm and inspired your web designing skills! Designing and marketing your law firm website is part art and part science. But, don’t do your web design by yourself, get in touch with our team. We can help!

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