Are you using MailChimp to manage your business’ email marketing needs? Did you choose this software because it’s easy to use and cheaper than bigger tools like Infusionsoft? While cutting costs is definitely an important consideration, going cheap on your email marketing software is costing you more than you realize.

Infusionsoft vs Mailchimp

Cheap email marketing software sounds like a good idea at first. When you’re just starting to build your email list, you don’t necessarily realize how involved your efforts will become. For instance, you might picture email marketing to be a simple task of writing an email, selecting recipients, and clicking “send.” This is an overly-simplistic view of email marketing.

In order to run an effective email marketing campaign, you’ll need to utilize advanced features that are either difficult or absent in MailChimp. However, all the advanced features you need are inherent to Infusionsoft.

Still on the fence? Here are the most important reasons to choose Infusionsoft over MailChimp.

1. Infusionsoft has superior lead segmentation


If you can’t segment your leads properly, your email marketing campaign won’t be as successful as you’d like. The difference between segmenting leads between these two applications is huge.

Where does MailChimp fall short?


When you use MailChimp, segments only apply to specific lists. So, you can’t just email everyone with a specific tag/segment. You need to do it by list. This might be fine if you have a small list or you don’t send out many emails. However, if your goal is to grow your business, this will set you back.

Why Infusionsoft offers superior lead segmentation

There is no substitute for the way Infusionsoft segments leads. You can program your web forms to automatically apply tags when the user makes certain selections, and you can always address your emails to specific tags regardless of associated lists.

To take lead segmentation further, with Infusionsoft, you can continue adding and deleting tags automatically as your users click links in your marketing emails. In addition to this, you can program your account to trigger a variety of actions based on newly applied or deleted tags.

For example, adding a new tag can trigger sending a single email, notifying a sales associate, or scheduling a sales call. All of this is automated, so you don’t have to do any of the work once you set it up according to your needs.

2. How you segment your leads will determine your success

Lead segmentation accomplishes two main things: it helps you identify effective/hot leads and it allows you to send out automated emails specifically tailored to reach specific segments of your market.

Without advanced, automated lead segmentation, your marketing campaign won’t be effective enough to compete in your industry. You can hire the best marketing team in the world, but if your software doesn’t support their strategies, your campaign will be limited.

If you’re struggling to make an advanced marketing strategy work with limited segmentation capabilities in MailChimp, consider switching over to Infusionsoft to give your marketing team the tools they need to create success.

3. Infusionsoft offers more than email marketing

Infusionsoft CRM

Anytime you can get a software application that condenses multiple functions, you’re going to be more effective. This is exactly what Infusionsoft does. While MailChimp is just for email marketing, Infusionsoft is an entire customer relationship management (CRM) suite.

With Infusionsoft, you’ll get a shopping cart, sales management, and more. All of these features are already integrated with your contact list, which gives you plenty of options for automating actions that aren’t available in MailChimp.

Who should use Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is ideal for businesses with a decent budget, but also, it’s a great way to condense multiple applications into one service. Even if your business doesn’t have a large budget for a new application, you might be able to eliminate several software subscriptions by moving to Infusionsoft.

For the most part, if you need to email thousands of people from your email list on a regular basis, and you need to implement advanced marketing strategies, Infusionsoft is your best option.

Who should use MailChimp?

Although MailChimp definitely has fewer features and more limitations compared to Infusionsoft, it’s not inherently bad. It’s just better suited for people with small email marketing needs, like entrepreneurs with a small, local business, independent artists, small non-profit organizations, and people who don’t need advanced features.

MailChimp is also ideal for people with either no budget or a very small budget. There’s no denying that the price points for Infusionsoft are quite high, generally too high for most small businesses to justify.

However, before you become attached to MailChimp for the cost savings, consider that you might just need professional marketing services to justify using Infusionsoft. It’s very possible that you’re not living up to your full potential in terms of your marketing strategies. If you were, you’d be generating the income you need to justify using Infusionsoft.

Professional marketing services will help

Do you want to use a better email marketing tool, but you’re stuck with a small budget? You might benefit from leveling up your marketing game. If you can increase your sales, you’ll have the budget to justify using better software.

If you’re feeling stuck with your marketing efforts, consider investing in a marketing campaign through a professional agency. At, we can help you with that. For instance, we can help you develop a strong brand voice as the foundation for all your marketing efforts.

We can also help you with content creation and content marketing. We can build you a new website, create your landing pages and marketing videos, help you with podcasts, create custom animations, and even create video scripts. Whatever content you need, we can create it for you.

Get in touch with us today and tell us what you need. Our team of marketing experts would love to work with you.

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