Most businesses have a website by now, even if it’s just a simple one-page site.

Although it’s safe to say that most businesses need a website, there are probably exceptions to this rule.

However, they would be few.

Having a web presence involves more than just a website.

A web presence also includes elements like a content marketing campaign, a PPC ad campaign, business listings, and a presence on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Knowing this, many businesses prioritize having a web presence even when they could survive decently without one.

Still, the option to be online is reserved only for some businesses. Businesses in the following 6 industries need a web presence to reach their true potential.

1. Lawyers

Web Design for Lawyers

Attorneys can do without social media to some degree, but attorneys need a website and a PPC ad campaign to maximize their lead-generating efforts. Whether those PPC ads are run on social media platforms or through Google, they’re a lead-generating staple for attorneys.

Naturally, running a PPC ad campaign requires having a website to host all the landing pages for the ads. However, many people find attorney websites through regular searches in the search engines.

People in legal trouble search for attorneys online

The first thing people do when they get into legal trouble is search for an attorney. According to stats published by, 38% of people search for an attorney online. It’s critical for lawyers to have a web presence to capture a good amount of potential leads.

When a search engine returns a list of results, people usually contact whatever attorneys pop up first in the search results and work with the first lawyer that will take their case on a contingency.

This is why attorneys have extensive marketing and SEO campaigns – if they’re not listed on the first page of a user’s search results, they’re not likely to acquire the user as a client. And of course, in order to have an extensive SEO campaign, they need a website and a web presence in other places.

2. Affiliate marketers

Website Design for Affiliate marketers

Affiliate marketers need an internet presence because they generally sell products and services online.

For instance, many affiliate marketers sell digital downloads, which definitely requires a web presence.

Even though some affiliate marketers use direct mail, they still rely heavily on digital marketing. They know that direct mail is profitable and generates a higher response rate than email marketing. However, many people don’t have the time or desire to bother with direct mail.

There was a time when affiliate marketing could be a successful venture in the physical world, but that time is long gone.

3. Artists

Professional artists need a web presence to make their brand well-known. Artists generally want to reach people around the world and the easiest way to do that is online.

For artists, the end goal isn’t just about selling original pieces or prints. It’s also about making a name for themselves, becoming known in the public sphere, and generating a loyal following. There’s no better way to achieve these goals than through an online presence.

Artists do really well with social media accounts that allow them to gather and interact with followers. For visual artists, Instagram is an especially supportive platform since they can publish images of their work, gain followers, and even sell their art.

4. Local mail centers

Local businesses always benefit from having a web presence, and local mail centers happen to get some big benefits from being online. When people need to mail something and there is no post office nearby, they often look online for a mail center closer to their house. With Google’s local search algorithms, local mail centers are more likely to come up in search results for users logged into an account set to their local zip code.

However, local mail centers offer more than just mail services and that’s how they generate a lot of their traffic. For instance, mail centers that offer notary services tend to generate a majority of their phone calls from people who need to notarize documents. People get online and start searching for keywords like “notary near me” and when the results come up, they’ll start calling the closest business they can find.

5. Dentists

Dentists Website Design

Just like most other professional services, people look for dentists online. Granted, there are some people who still use the physical Yellow Pages to find medical services, but they are few in number.

If you’re a dentist, you need a web presence to be found by the majority of your potential patients. However, you need more than just a website. You also need a Google My Business Listing so that people can find you easier.

When you have a business listing with Google, you’ll have a better chance at showing up in the business listings for searches performed by locals.

6. Self-storage facilities

The self-storage industry always seems to do well, even when the economy is in bad shape. The bottom line is that people need a place to store their stuff no matter what. And since people want to store their belongings in a convenient location, preferably close to their home, they’ll search online for self-storage options in their area.

Competition is pretty fierce in this industry. There are several major, national self-storage chains that tend to dominate the internet in terms of ads, business listings, and top results in search engines. However, many smaller self-storage facilities can still compete with a little effort and a strong marketing plan.

Some people choose their self-storage facility by noticing a business when they drive by, but the majority search online.

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