7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Graphic Designer to Create Your Logo

When you’re ready to create a logo design for your business, you might be tempted to go with the cheapest logo designer or logo maker possible. It’s easy to find cheap logo designers, but you will get what you pay for.

Nothing is more important than your logo. While you can use cheap logo designers for a handful of other graphics, you need a professional logo maker/graphic designer to create your logo.

1. You need print-ready files

Print Ready Files

A professional graphic designer will prepare print-ready PDF files so you can continue printing your logo design and any other strong brand identity images. You need print-ready PDF files because it’s the only way to retain the quality and proper dimensions of an image.

If you want to print on any of the following products, you’ll need to send PDF files to the printer:

  • Gazebos
  • T-shirts and hoodies
  • Backpacks and other bags
  • Hats and purses
  • Physical goods like coffee makers or USB drives
  • Stickers and car emblems, especially wrap-arounds

When you want your custom logo design printed on various products, you’ll need to supply the business with a PDF file. Without this, they can’t print your design on their products. You can’t just send them an image file – it won’t work. Their printer is set up to use only certain types of files, which is almost always a PDF file.

You can’t print image files

If you try to print an image file, it won’t look good. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never get a .jpg, .png, or other image file to print well unless it’s been prepared as a print-ready PDF file.

Inexperienced, self-taught graphic designers don’t always know how to prepare a PDF file for print.

There is an art to creating a print-ready PDF file; you can’t just save a Photoshop file as a PDF. To prepare an image for print, you need to take several additional steps, like set a trim area, a safety area, and a bleed.

Resolution determines printability

If you’re working with an inexperienced logo designer, they might not create your logo design file in the right resolution. From the beginning, your logo should be designed in at least 300dpi, not the standard 72dpi that is automatically set for new Photoshop files.

72dpi files are not exactly printable. Technically, you can print them, but they will only look good when small and on paper. These small images will be useless for posters, books, banners, clothing, and any other printing needs. If you ever want to print your logo design and all you have is a 72dpi image file, you will be out of luck.

Unfortunately, you can’t just change the resolution of a file and expect the logo design to change resolution, too. If someone designs your logo in 72dpi, they’ll need to recreate your perfect logo design from scratch in 300dpi to make it printable.

If you’ve already paid for your logo design, you’ll have to pay another designer to recreate your logo. However, there’s a problem with this solution.

If your designer didn’t transfer the copyright to you, then you don’t legally own your logo design. If that’s the case, another designer can’t legally recreate your logo design without violating your original designer’s copyright.

To avoid these expensive and frustrating pitfalls, hire a professional, experienced graphic designer from the start.

2. Logo design is a unique skill

Logo design is a unique skill

Just because a designer can make amazing abstract art or pixel-perfect web graphics doesn’t mean they can design a logo. In fact, perfect logo design is one of the toughest areas of graphic design to master.

A logo is more than a design – it’s a statement. Part of creating the perfect logo requires being able to understand a brand’s core values and desired image and then translate that into a simple graphic. That’s a tall order.

When you’re getting a own logo design, you’re paying more for the designer’s idea than the actual design. In other words, the value of a good logo designer is their ability to come up with the idea, not their technical skills. In fact, the world’s most memorable logos are so simple they cost next to nothing to design.

For example, check out these corporate logos and notice two things: the simple, most memorable logos cost between $0-$35, while the more complex and bizarre logos cost between $33,000-$625,000. The only company listed in this article with a simple, yet expensive logo is the Pepsi-Cola logo redesign, which cost $1 million.

The corporations with complex, clever logos might be well-known, but their logos will always be a barrier to their memorability.

3. DIY designers often use online logo maker

When you’re a business professional without logo design experience, getting a bunch of logo design samples from a designer can be a misleading experience. You might look at a whole page full of logos and be absolutely impressed by their work. What you don’t know is they’ve used an online logo maker/logo generator that automatically adds text to a set of pre-made designs.

There are so many online free logo maker available today, and they can produce some decent-looking designs. The problem is that these free logo maker or logo generator recycle the same base images and no logo is truly unique.

Your designer might present you with a beautiful, yet cookie-cutter logo design and charge you a fortune for something that took them a few minutes to generate for free.

Imagine hiring someone to design a brilliant logo and a short while later, you find out your own logo actually belongs to someone else when you’re served with a lawsuit. That would be devastating, but it’s a possibility.

Sometimes, scammers with mediocre design skills use other people’s portfolios to get gigs. First, they collect an initial deposit from a client. In the end, these scammers deliver a final design that belongs to someone else.

When you hire a graphic designer off of a classified ad website where you can’t verify the designer’s true identity, you don’t know who you’re communicating with. If you can’t verify a designer’s true identity, you risk getting scammed.

Working with a reputable, professional graphic designer is a completely different experience and you’ll get a unique logo.

5. Your logo says everything about your company

Your custom logo design will create both conscious and subconscious impressions on people no matter where it’s displayed. Only a professional designer can design a logo that conveys the proper messages to others.

Graphic design is a specialized skill that requires more than just knowing how to create graphics using Photoshop tools or similar programs. The technical aspect of graphic design is fairly easy to learn.

Anyone can take a few lessons to learn how to make beautiful graphics in a short period of time. With enough tutorials, anyone can learn even the more complex ways to use the basic tools.

What can’t be learned through online tutorials is how to convey a brand’s main message through a logo. This is knowledge that can only be learned by studying marketing psychology.

Your custom logo should accurately represent your brand. Having a meaningless logo that simply looks good is an option, but that only works with incredibly simple logos. Even so, the logo design matches the brand in some way. For example, Apple’s logo is an apple. It’s a simple design, but it quickly became the company’s brand identity.

6. You need image files optimized for the web

Inexperienced graphic designers, especially self-taught, often struggle with optimizing images for the internet. Technically, you can optimize images with a simple computer program, but it’s better to have a professional optimize your logo files.

Having a professional graphic designer optimize your logo for the web will ensure your website will display a clear, crisp version of your logo. DIY logo designers might compress your logo without maintaining its crispness.

If your custom logo contains text, that text can become blurry when compressed without maintaining the sharpness. A professional logo designer will know how to avoid this issue.

7. Simplicity is king, yet simple design isn’t easy

Nike Logo

Professional designers generally keep their logo designs simple. They know the most effective logos have simple lines, shapes, and limited text. Think about Nike’s image – it’s a curvy checkmark they call a “swoosh” and it’s one solid shape.

Although it sounds contrary, it’s not easy to create a simple logo. The tendency is to get creative and clever, which can take a design off into the weeds.

Simple is a proven approach to logo design. You won’t find complexity in the logos belonging to the world’s largest corporations. For example, major corporations like Shell, Pepsi, Target, Google, Domino’s Pizza, and FedEx all have simple logos.

A simple logo has several important characteristics:

  • It becomes immediately memorable (there are no details that require repeated, prolonged exposure to remember)
  • It’s recognizable from a distance
  • It has large areas of solid color
  • It reflects the brand’s name (ex: Target’s logo is a bullseye, Shell’s logo is a shell, Apple’s logo is an apple, and the logo designs for Domino’s Pizza is a domino).

Complex logos don’t usually work for several reasons. First, complex designs with gradients don’t print well, and details are lost at a distance and at small sizes.

Since many self-taught graphic designers don’t have extensive marketing experience, they don’t usually understand the importance of simplicity.

Need a professional logo for your business? We’ve got you covered!

If you want to build a strong business, you need a logo designs that represents your brand identity and the vision you hold for your company logo. Not just any logo designer will do – you need a professional, yet affordable logo designer to bring your logo design to life.

Do you need a logo designs that you can print and use on your website? Our professional graphic designers can create a logo designs that will command respect and make your brand memorable. Contact us today to discuss your project and get a free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A graphic designer is someone who works with visuals to convey messages or information in a variety of formats. This can involve creating website layouts, designing marketing materials – even working on product packaging!

Within the field of graphic design, there are different areas of expertise – including logo design. A logo designer excels at crafting professional logo design that represents brands or organizations. It’s all about distilling complex ideas into simple yet memorable icons that stick in people’s minds and help folks connect easily with specific companies or products.

Here are some of the most important reasons why hiring a professional graphic designer for your perfect logo design is highly recommended:

Firstly, they’ve got serious skills and experience under their belt – so you know you’ll end up with nothing short of an amazing, detailed logo design.

Secondly, they take the time to truly get to know your brand identity inside-out, meaning that whatever logo design they come up with will perfectly reflect your organization’s values and character.

Thirdly, working with a pro logo maker means that not only do you get an eye-catching logo design in the first place – but it’ll also be versatile enough to use across various platforms without losing any quality or impact.

Lastly, with all this top-notch help from a logo maker on board, not only do you save money compared with attempting amateur-level logo design yourself. But more importantly, you can rest assured knowing that your business will have an original-yet-professional-looking logo design representing it to the broader audience.

Here are a few prevalent mistakes people often make when creating their own custom logo design:

– Relying too heavily on free logo maker tools, free logo design templates, clipart, or stock images.
– Going overboard with colors and fonts.
– Making the logo design too complicated or intricate.
– Not factoring in how the logo design will look when displayed in different sizes or in various settings.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider in logo design:

Simplicity is key: A good custom logo design should not be overly complex. Instead, the logo design should be simple and memorable- making it more likely for customers to remember your unique brand identity.

Stay relevant: The logo design has to resonate with both your industry and your target audience; consider color schemes, typography, and imagery carefully when designing!

Adaptability is essential: An excellent logo design should look great no matter where it’s displayed – whether on websites, billboards, or even advertisements – while still retaining clarity of detail in multiple file formats.

Timeless logo designs last longer: Logo designs can become outdated quickly if they feature trendy fonts or images popularized only briefly in time! That being said, a timeless classic logo design will always remain fresh – so stick with something tried-and-tested when creating branding for long-term success!

Here are a few distinctive qualities that make our graphic design service noteworthy:

First off, we’ve assembled a team of wickedly talented logo designers who know their stuff when it comes to crafting eye-catching and effective logos. They’re passionate about bringing your vision to life.

Speaking of vision, we also get how important branding is for any company. That’s why we work with you every step of the way to make sure your finished logo design truly reflects your brand identity and personality.

And don’t worry – quality doesn’t have to come at an outrageous price tag. We pride ourselves on being budget-friendly while delivering top-notch results that meet all your needs.

Finally, if you’re not stoked with the final product, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. So you can relax knowing that our whole team is committed to providing you with nothing but excellence!

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