Why Good Sales Copy Equals More Revenue

Your revenue depends on the quality and power of your sales copy.

At the end of the day, if your copy isn’t persuasive, the majority of your sales will be incidental.

Professionally written sales copy, on the other hand, will actively influence more sales.

How good is your sales copy?

Did you hire a professional copywriter, or did you wing it?

If you haven’t hired a copywriter to create your sales pages, product descriptions, and ads, you’re missing out on conversions.

Good sales copy sells; bad copy makes people bounce.

Effective copy sells people on your brand, your trustworthiness, your reputation, and your products or services. If your copy wasn’t written to intentionally influence your market, your sales pages are underperforming.

What is good sales copy, anyway?

What is good sales copy

When you think of sales copy, you might picture sales pages describing all the reasons people should buy a given product or service. For example, “buy this product and you’ll get a better golf swing,” or “subscribe to this service and you’ll feel younger in three weeks.”

Although the above examples are the traditional image, sales copy is more than just a sales pitch. It’s also more than an outline of all the features and benefits people will get from your products. Sales copy has a purpose and every word is intentional.

Persuasive copy is what sells

Good sales copy is highly persuasive; it will take your visitors on a journey toward making a purchase, whether that purchase is made in the moment or at a later time. In this regard, sales copy is more than just a one-dimensional collection of words. It’s a multi-faceted strategy that extends seamlessly throughout multiple platforms, including PPC ads, social media pages, and your own website.

Good sales copy will tell the same story across all platforms, but in different ways to reach different sections of your market. For example, while your website holds your sales pages, your social media posts will be more personal and your PPC ads will be more direct.

How does sales copy influence people?

At the root of persuasive copy is a promise to fix a problem with a specific solution. In other words, the market has a problem and the product or services promises to fix that problem. However, effective copy is worded in such a way that the reader is moved into the story of the offer so that the solution appears to be the most logical answer to their problems.

Effective copy begins by creating rapport with the reader and makes them feel understood. For instance, the copy might begin by affirming their struggles or a specific problem. From there, the copy takes the reader on a journey from problem to solution. However, you can’t reach everyone in your target market with the same copy. This is where copywriting becomes clever.

Effective sales copy reaches your market at multiple stages

Effective sales copy

Although the traditional sales page has “buy now” buttons all over, sales copy isn’t just for hard selling. Effective sales copy will move people along on the customer journey, from every angle, and will reach everyone, including:

  • People who are curious and just starting to research
  • People who know a little, but want more information
  • People who are ready to buy, but are currently deciding on a brand
  • People who are ready to buy, want your brand, but need a little push

Since people in each of these groups are at different stages in the buying journey, you need copy that will reach them where they are. For example, you can’t hard sell someone who is just starting to research.

How to reach people at different stages

You might be wondering how you can reach different parts of your target market when they’re not all in the same place in terms of readiness to buy. How do you get the appropriate copy in front of the right people? That’s where a content marketing strategy and PPC ad campaign come into play.

  • Content marketing. Ideally, you want to create multiple pieces of content to publish on your website with each piece written specifically for a section of your target market. When each of these pieces are published, they’ll turn up in search results and will attract the right audience.
  • PPC ads. Through your PPC ads and subsequent landing pages, you can reach your market in some very specific ways. For example, you can run ads for new people to get them curious and you can run ads that only show up for people who have visited your website or clicked on one of your ads. This strategy is called remarketing and it’s the most effective way to continue reaching out to people who have already interacted with your brand.

If you’re interested in learning more about remarketing/retargeting, check out this guide published by HubSpot. You’ll get results when you hire a professional developer to create your landing pages and a professional copywriter to create your copy.

Want conversions? You need a professional copywriter

Want conversions? You need a professional copywriter

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing you can do everything yourself, like build your website, run your own marketing campaign, and write your own sales copy. While the internet makes these things look easy, it’s all best left to a professional.

The need to reach people exactly where they are at every stage in the journey is why you need a professional copywriter. This kind of copy isn’t something you can put together over the weekend. Creating effective sales copy requires knowledge, skill, and experience.

The best copywriters have spent years perfecting their skills by publishing copy, measuring progress, and making changes. Most of the time, this refinement is achieved within the parameters of a rigorous split-testing campaign. On top of that, professional copywriters spend a lot of time dissecting markets to understand what drives people to buy in a given market.

Unless you’re a trained copywriter, you won’t have the knowledge and experience required to write the kind of sales copy that sucks people in and creates a strong influence.

Good copy is useless without a great website

Good sales copy has the power to get you more revenue, but your content needs to be published on a professional website. Presentation matters down to the tiny details, and if your website is sloppy, even the best copy will fail.

For example, typography holds some serious power. Just using Baskerville as your typeface can increase your conversions. To maximize the benefits of your sales copy, you’ll need a professional copywriter and a website developer to work together on the final presentation.

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